Carla Parra Escartín, ER2

Location: Hermes, Spain

Project Title: Implementation and evaluation (including user aspects) of the improved SMT, EBMT and TM prototypes proposed in EXPERT (WP6)

Project Description: 

I joined Hermes and the EXPERT ITN in April 2015 as an Experienced Researcher (ER). Since then I have been engaged in several experiments and have focused my research mainly on MT Evaluation and improving TM fuzzy match retrieval.

As far as MT Evaluation is concerned, I have worked jointly with my colleague at Hermes Manuel Arcedillo testing traditional MT Evaluation metrics, comparing them with the fuzzy-match score used in the industry to analyze translation memory leverage and applying the benefits of a convergence of MT and TM evaluation systems in hybrid scenarios. We have also analyzed how evaluation metrics correlate with productivity gains in real translation settings. A manual evaluation of the data gathered in our experiments using both fuzzy matches and MT output is being carried out to further assess the reliability of automatic MT evaluation metrics.

I have explored TM fuzzy match retrieval in different ways. I have tested a shallow, language-independent method and I am currently refining it with the aim of providing a tool that given a new text to be translated, automatically generates new fuzzy matches from the Translation Memory provided in the project.

ESR4, Rohit Gupta did a one-month secondment at Hermes in June-July 2015. As a result of this secondment, Gupta’s paraphrasing approach for TM fuzzy match retrieval (Gupta and Orasan 2014) has been expanded to comply with real needs and requirements in the translation industry. The tool is being tested with real data to assess whether integrating it in real translation workflows not only improves TM fuzzy match retrieval but also the productivity of translators.

ESR8, Liangyou Li, is currently doing a 3-month secondment at Hermes. One of the aims of this secondment aims at testing his approach to integrate Translation Memory features into Statistical Machine Translation (Li et al. 2014).

Ongoing work on Machine Translation Quality Estimation and its integration in real production workflows is being done together with ESR12, Hanna Bechara, who did a 2-month secondment at Hermes in July-August 2015. The aim is to test whether QuEst (Specia et al. 2013) can be used in a real translation environment and to develop a user-friendly tool to enhance MT Post-Editing throughputs and provide accurate cost estimations by adding Quality Estimation information in sentence and document levels.

I have am also working on experiments to test automatic post-editing of MT output and improving current state-of-the-art systems for handling inline tags in the MT output.

To learn more about her background and previous experience and publications see also Carla's personal website.

Research Interests: translation, machine translation, evaluation, quality estimation, post-editing

Publication list

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