Alexander Raginsky, ER3(b)

Location: Pangeanic, Spain

Project Title: Improving hybrid translation tool. Full-text search engine approach

Project Description: 

Alex started work at Pangeanic and the Expert Project in April 2016 as an Experienced Researcher (ER). He is developing fast and scalable Translation Memory Management (TMM) system based on full-text search engine which ultimate goal is to provide TM capabilities for hybrid machine translation flow. The developed TMM will be scalable horizontally and will hold up to 1B translation units. The system will be capable to create new language pairs on-the-fly by pivoting on existing ones. Alex has done secondment in DCU supervising a project for transferring XML tags using deep learning.

In his spare time Alex is developing NLP People, career portal for the professionals in NLP domain. 

Research Interests:  machine translation, information retrieval, chatbots