Carolina Scarton, ESR7

Location: University of Sheffield, UK

Project Title: Estimating the confidence and quality of corpus-based approaches to translation

Project Description: 

Predicting the quality and confidence of machine translations is a challenging topic. Along the years, several automatic metrics were proposed, trying to avoid the direct human effort. Quality estimation (QE) of machine translations is a kind of evaluation that only considers source and target documents (without the need of a translation reference). This approach is promising, since we can use machine learning techniques to predict the quality of unseen data, by only having few labelled data points. Most work in QE focuses on sentence-level and word-level prediction. On the other hand, document-level QE can be desirable for applications aimed at other types of end-users (such as gisting) and wherefully automated MT is needed (e.g. because the amount of data is unfeasible for human post-editing). On my PhD project I am addressing document-level QE. More specifically, I am focus on two problems. The first is to find the best features for document-level QE, including studies on discourse phenomena and document-wide information. The second is to find appropriate quality labels for documents, that go beyond the simple aggregation of sentence-level quality scores.

Research Interests: Quality Estimation of machine translation, Automatic evaluation of NLP tasks, Discourse analysis for NLP evaluation, Readability Assessment, Text Simplification and Cross-lingual computational lexical resources


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