Liangyou Li, ESR8

Location: Dublin City University, Ireland

Project Title: SMT/TM Combination

Project Description: 

I started work on the Expert Project in June 2013 as an early stage researcher. My research focuses on the combination of statistical machine translation (SMT) and translation memory (TM) and syntax-based machine translation.

In the past two years, I proposed a discriminative framework which can integrate TM into SMT by incorporating TM-related feature functions. And with the capacity of handling a large amount of features in the discriminative framework, we further proposed a method to use multiple fuzzy matches efficiently which brings more feature functions.

In addition, on a single dependency-based SMT, I proposed to easily implement this model in Moses by transformation and decompose dependency structures to improve this model. More recently, based on an edge replacement grammar, I have proposed to use a synchronous graph-to-string grammar for dependency-to-string translation. This new model has shown further improvements.

I am currently working on an in-depth study into the impact that SMT/TM combination, the improved dependency-based model and their further combination can have on post-editing efficiency in a real world setting, using data provided by Hermes, one of the commercial partners in the EXPERT project. 

Research Interests: Machine Learning, Corpus-Based Machine Translation, Natural Language Processing

Publication list

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