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Experienced Researcher position in the EXPERT project at Hermes

Hermes Traducciones is looking for a post-doctoral researcher (Experienced Researcher - ER) to investigate on the implementation and evaluation (including user aspects) of the improved SMT, EBMT and TM prototypes proposed in EXPERT project ( The ER will complement the work of a group of ESRs (Early Stage Researcher - ESR) with humanities background in the implementation and evaluation (including user aspects) of the improved SMT, EBMT and TM prototypes proposed in EXPERT. The contract offered has a duration of 18 months.

  • Improved and fully functional corpus-based MT models including TM, SMT and EBMT that make use of the matching and retrieval techniques investigated in EXPERT project.
  • Comprehensive analysis of the suitability of these approaches in industrial application scenarios.
  • User-centred evaluation of improved SMT, EBMT and TM prototypes. 
  • Illustrate the benefits brought by the EXPERT technologies in real life scenarios.
To reach these objectives, the following tasks and methodology should be taken into account:
  • Implement the corpus-based MT models relying on TM, SMT, EBMT, and resolve practical challenges.
  • Incorporate the NLP-modules for improved matching and retrieval techniques developed by two ESRs of the project.
  • Evaluate the suitability of these approaches in industrial application scenarios and with professional translators.
  • Measure the improvement in performance provided by EXPERT technologies over baseline TM, SMT and EBMT models.
  • 2-month visit to Dublin City University to study the prototypes for improved individual translation tools and the ideal infrastructure for translation proposed in EXPERT and interact with one of the ESRs.
  • 1-month visit to another translation company to evaluate the prototypes developed together with one of the ERs.
  • Improved SMT, EBMT and TM prototypes.
  • Final evaluation of these prototypes.
  • Scientific papers: A minimum of two scientific papers will be published at major conferences and/or relevant journals.
  • Comparative evaluation showing the improvement brought by EXPERT technologies over other existing systems.
  • Analysis of their suitability in industrial application scenarios.
  • Demonstration of prototypes to the community in the project Business Showcase.
  • Contribution to a training course held as part of the project Business Showcase event, and to hands-on training for the use of the new tools developed in EXPERT project, as well as on general post-editing of automatic translation.
We are looking for an open-minded person that loves programming and is focused on quality and performance.
  • Master or doctorate in IT, computer engineering or mathematics.
  • World-class programming skills.
  • In-depth knowledge of the state-of-the-art algorithms and methods related to data retrieving, data mining and string manipulation.
  • Knowledge of MT systems, preferably SMT and EBMT.
  • Knowledge of machine learning and typical NLP languages, such as Python and/or Perl.
  • Knowledge of translation memory systems and matching & retrieval algorithms and segmentation.
  • Knowledge of Linux-based server environment.
  • Availability to work in an international environment.
  • Good relationship and communication skills.
All suitably qualified candidates irrespective of gender or nationality are welcome to apply as long as the following conditions are fulfilled:
  • Applicants should be in possession of a doctoral degree (preferably) or have at least four years of full-time equivalent research experience. At the time of recruitment, the applicant should have less than five years of full-time equivalent research experience (including the duration of the PhD).
  • Applicants should have good knowledge of English, both written and oral, in order to be able to submit reports in English.
  • Applicants should (preferably) have basic command of Spanish language.
  • Applicants should not have resided or performed their main activity in Spain for more than 12 months in the 3-year period immediately prior to the start date. Candidates of Spanish nationality should not have resided or performed their main activity in Spain for more than 12 months in the 5-year period immediately prior to the start date.
The fellowship will be available from 1st February 2015 on, and the position can be filled anytime from that date on (at the latest 31st March 2015).
Further information
Annual salary: 57,154 Euros (Marie Curie rates will apply).
Monthly mobility allowance: 683.90 Euros for ER without a family, or 977 Euros for ER with a family (Marie Curie rates will apply).
How to apply: send an e-mail to, specifying on the subject line EXPERT project ER 2015.
Closing date: 31st December 2014