UdS-Sant: English–German Hybrid Machine Translation System

A hybrid English-German Machine Translation system that participated at the SMT tool contest at ICON 2014. The hybrid system also extracts, named entities from POS tagged corpus and aligns them. It is also able to align verb chunks for a given POS tagged aligned corpus. Apart from this, it can also, identify MWEs using  statistical method and align them.

More details in:

  • Pal, Santanu; Srivastava, Ankit; Dandapat, Sandipan; van Genabith, Josef; Liu, Qun and Way, Andy (2014) USAAR-DCU Hybrid Machine Translation System for ICON 2014. In Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Natural Language Processing}, Goa, India

URL: https://github.com/santanupal1980/HybridMT-2014