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Events and Activities

EXPERT has five main Training Objectives:

  • Training through research based on the set of sub-programmes outlined below.
  • Creating a large and diverse research community focused on a common goal.
  • Exploiting intersectoral and transnational mobility via secondments and shorter visits to both industrial and academic partners.
  • Local training in core research and complementary skills within both academic and industrial environments.
  • Network-wide training in core research areas and complementary skills.
The network-wide training events, which will be designed specifically for EXPERT, will be open (free of charge) to other researchers, students and employees of the institutions in the consortium. Additionally, the events will be open (free of charge) to a number of participants from outside the consortium, who will be selected based on their CVs and motivation to engage with research in the field. ECTS credits will be given for each training event according to their duration and level of involvement required by students.
The network-wide training programme will comprise the main training activities to be developed within EXPERT. This will be constituted by four large training events distributed within the 4 years of EXPERT, as outlined in the Table below.
  Training events, workshops & conferences
Lead Organising
1 Scientific and technological training UvA M 10 UK
2 Complementary skills training Pangeanic M 19 Ireland
3 Scientific and technological workshop UMA M 28 Spain
4 Business showcase Translated M 43 Germany







The four large training events are detailed in what follows:

  1. A winter school after all ESRs are recruited, where experienced researchers from all members of the consortium will provide all ESRs with initial scientific and technological training in fundamental themes to be covered by EXPERT. This event will last 4 days and will be organized by UoW and UvA and hosted by UoW.
  2. A complementary skills training event where all EXPERT fellows will receive training on a number of complementary skills, provided by consortium members. This event will prepare researchers for the planning and exploitation of their research outcomes, improving their career prospects for jobs in industry and academia. The workshop will be organized by Pangeanic and DCU, and hosted by DCU. It will last 3 days and will require both ESRs and ERs to attend all courses.
  3. A scientific and technological workshop organised by UMA and USFD, and hosted by UMA. The event will be open to the research community and will last 2 days. ESRs will write a scientific paper and present the current status of their work.
  4. A business showcase which will be open to the scientific and commercial community, where the tools developed by the ERs in the last year of the project will be demonstrated to the community. This showcase will be an opportunity to disseminate the outcomes of EXPERT to potential end-users: translators and the general public. In order to do so, the ERs will organise a training course about the use of the new tools, along with training on general post-editing of automated translation. The event will last 1 day and will be organized by Translated, USAAR, Hermes and Wordfast, and hosted by USAAR.