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EXPERT consists of 8 WPs, 5 Milestones and 25 deliverables.

Management Group:

  1. Project Manager (PM) - Prof. Ruslan Mitkov:
  • The EXPERT network is managed by UoW, with Prof. Ruslan Mitkov as the Project Manager.
  • PM ensures good coordination and synergy between the different activities in the project and efficient implementation of the project, making sure it achieves all objectives and completes all activities effectively, on time and on budget.
  1. Scientific and Commercial Committee (SCC):
  • A Scientific and Commercial Committee (SCC) composed of the lead scientist from each partner and chaired by the PM evaluates the scientific progress of the overall project with regard to milestones and receive updates from the Supervisory Board about the progress of individual projects.
  1. Network Manager (NM) - Miss Natalia Konstantinova:
  • Network Manager (NM) deals with the main project administrative, organisational and financial information, and report to the PM.
  1. Supervisory Board (SB):
  • EXPERT also counts on a Supervisory Board (SB), consisting of one supervisor/mentor from each partner, along with three external members from the scientific community and industrial sector. The SB provides oversight of the quality and coherence of the individual research programmes, and monitor training programmes and the progress of researchers.